July 7th





BORN:                            Boston, MA  (USA) - 27.1.1919

FINAL PROFESSION:  Waltham, MA - 9.9.1941

ORDAINED:                  Boston, MA - 11.6.1946

DIED:                             Waltham, MA - 7.7.1999

AGE:                               80 


He was born in Boston and moved with his family to Oneonta (New York) where he followed his primary and secondary studies. In 1936 he entered our Congregation. After his ordination in 1946 he exercised the first two years of his ministry in the parish of the Sacred Heart at Waltham as an assistant parish priest, and subsequently worked in West Springfield at the church of St Ann.

In August 1948 he left for the new mission of Guam with some other Confreres: the aim of his presence was that of organizing  a seminary and a school. He worked for eleven years in that island of the Pacific.

He came back to the States in 1959 and he was assigned to Washington, DC, as a formator of the Stigmatine temporary professed. During this period he obtained a degree in financial administration. He then became Provincial Bursar for several terms. He became also assistant parish priest in Springfield, MA, (1964), in Manassas, VA (1976) and in White Plains, NY.

Since 1988 he resided in Waltham and worked in the Mission Office, helping also the Dominican sisters as a chaplain and being in charge of the Espousal Retreat Centre.

During the last years of his life he retired to St Joseph’s Hall.  Fr. Gerald was a generous and available Stigmatine, always ready to serve when and where requested.


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