BORN:                           Trento - 11.1.1914

FINAL PROFESSION:  Rio Claro, SP - 23.1.1935

ORDAINED:                 Rio Claro, SP - 11.7.1937

DIED:                             S. Caetano do Sul, SP. - 9.9.2000

AGE:                              86   


He entered our Congregation in 1924. In 1934 he left for Brazil while still in formation and was ordained a priest at Rio Claro in 1937. He was assigned to the parish of S. Caetano in S. Paulo. He shared his life with Fr Alessandro Grigolli, one of the founders of the Stigmatine presence in Brazil, and a great model of religious and priestly life. At that time work was very demanding, since the Confreres were busy building the new church. In 1942 he was sent to Casa Branca and in 1945 he became a parish priest at S. Caetano. There he exercised his ministry for 19 years: it was for him a long and wonderful period during which he started a lot of new activities and projects that he carried out with determination and enthusiasm.

In 1964 the superiors asked him to establish a new parish at Cidade Ocian and at Villa Caišara, on the coast of Santos. There he spent his energies for 25 hard working years among Brazilian immigrants from the North East as well as among Italian, Spanish and Polish immigrants.

In 1991 he returned to S. Caetano where he died.



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