July 20th




BORN:                            Rio Claro (SP - Brazil) - 8.6.1917

FINAL PROFESSION:   Rio Claro (SP- Brazil) - 11.1.1939

ORDAINED:                   Ribeirão Preto (SP – Brazil) - 15.8.1942

DIED:                              Barretos (SP – Brazil) - 20.7.1994

AGE:                                77 


God used his brother Roberto to call him to religious and priestly life in our Congregation. He worked as a teacher, a parish priest and an assistant parish priest in the communities of Ribeirão Preto, Rio Claro, S. Caetano do Sul, Marfia, Ituiutaba, Morrinhos, Casa Branca, Cafelandia, Fazenda Santana and Barretos.

He was always a lively and cheerful person, full of initiative in playing games. He had a passion for fishing. He loved music, played the organ and sang. He had poetic skills and wrote some compositions. He was very erudite in Brazilian literature. He was a good teacher of Portuguese language and literature and wrote many articles for some newspapers in Barretos.

He was much esteemed by Confreres and people for his humility, sensitivity and for his desire of doing always something good. He was everybody’s friend, gentle and zealous. He loved much the Congregation.



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