January 6th



NICOLA GALVANI (priest - benefactor)




S. Ambrogio Valpolicella, VR - 25.03.1752




Verona - 6.01.1823

AGE: 71 


He was outstanding since his seminary studies in the diocesan seminary, for intelligence and application. He remained an extern student because of his poor health condition. Soon after his ordination he was chosen as professor of moral theology.  Fr Gaspar Bertoni became immediately his best pupil, whom he loved as a son and a brother.

After the suppression of religious Institutes by Napoleon (1810) he endeavoured to redeem the ecclesiastical buildings. His collaborator in this was Mr Giuseppe Bellotti (1785-1816), a miller, who remained single. They both used all their  resources in these good enterprise. At his death Mr Bellotti left everything to Fr Galvani, and Fr Galvani in turn left everything to Fr Bertoni.


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