May 8th





Everett MA November 21, 1919


Waltham MA September 9, 1998


Boston MA May 8, 1998

AGE: 79 years old.


            Brother David Gallagher was the first Stigmatine Brother in the United  States. He was a religious from June 13, 1939, when he pronounced his first vows.

            For the greater part of his life, he served as cook and assistant economus in our various seminaries of Waltham, Wellesley, at the Espousal Retreat House and at Camp Wyoma. From 1985-1988 he served as provincial Councilor, with the area of community life as his responsibility.

In addition to serving the confreres within the community, Brother David dedicated himself to visiting a great number of the sick. As a friend and extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, he would meet with them often.

He truly dedicated himself to consoling and encouraging all with his jovial good humor, his real lovableness and his persevering presence.

He nourished a profound love for prayer, and was always most faithful to community prayer and to sharing in  the Eucharistic celebration. He would often go alone to Chapel to pray.

Brother David truly loved life and would invite  his friends and relatives to celebrate with him the gift of life. He was very extroverted, and irradiated joy among all who might approach him, men and women of every age.


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