February 16st



PIO GABOS (priest)



Dres, TN – May 7, 1873


Verona - 1885




Milano – February 16, 1944

AGE: 70


 He dedicated himself zealously to the apostolate of preaching and education of youth, for whom he spent his best energies.

He was superior in Milan, Trento, Gemona and Udine. He took part in the foundation of Lisboa and Vasto (Chieti) which did not succeed.

He was also general councillor and bursar.

He founded our magazine “Per il Bene” which subsequently became, “Il Missionario” the official publication of our missions and works.  He was appreciated as a writer not only on our magazine but also on several Catholic newspapers.

He left a deep memory in Friuli because of his various activities in the field of youth.  He was missed by very many people at his death.


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