January 16th





Concordia (VE) - 26.7.1928




Trento 1955


Udine – 16.1.1979

AGE: 51 


He had begun the novitiate in 1948 but after few months he had to return home because of TB. He got healed, though he lost one lung, and came back to the seminary of Udine.  After his ordination he decided to enter again in our Institute. He was a teacher and assistant to our students in Verona, at San Leonardo. Then he went to Udine where he was spiritual director in the college. He was vocation promoter in Gemona.

He had a good knowledge of himself: he was aware of his capacities and his limitations. He loved a simple conversation, heart to heart. He was eager to listen to people and to welcome them. He admired and praised others’ values.

After the earth quake of Friuli in 1976, he had recurrent bouts of exhaustion and found it difficult to overcome them.

He was suddenly struck by death while accompanying to hospital an injured person. The emotion caused him a mortal failure.

In Udine he was called “father charity”.


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