January 8th






Ronco Cainari, TN - 28.4.1913


Sezano, VR - 9.9.1934


Carpi, MO - 22.8.1937


Bellizzi, SA - 8.1.1997

AGE: 84


After his ordination in Carpi, he left for his beloved China, where he developed his apostolic ministry with enthusiasm, courage and wisdom, together with charitable activities. He deeply loved China. In 1951 he returned to Italy and, accepting the decision of the superiors, he exercised his ministry in Southern Italy where he lived the rest of his life. After working in the parish of Belvedere and a short spell in Santa Croce in Rome, he spent all his pastoral life in Bellizzi, to which he was strongly attached.

He was a true priest, without hypocrisy. He was an honest person, an integrated personality. He was a father and a friend to everybody. He was enthusiastic about Jesus Christ and his own vocation. He appreciated the Church and the Pope without compromise. He was knowledgeable, because he deeply loved his faith and studied it and shared it passionately with others.

Our memory of him will always remain as a person of convinced faith in Christ, and as a serious and staunch priest. He was strict and in the same time ready to crack a joke in order to comfort his neighbour.


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