Revere, MA. USA - 17.04.1916


Wellesley, MA - 09.09.1946


Natick, MA - 11.06.1949


Waltham, MA 31.10.1996

AGE: 80


After the middle school he studied accounting while working in a company.  He entered our seminary of Waltham in 1940, and made his final profession in 1946.

After his ordination in 1949 he exercised the ministry in the Holy Family parish at Lynn, Mass; in Mount St Carmel at White Plains, NY; in Sacred heart at Milford, Mass; in the parish community of All Saint at Manassas; and at Feeding Hill, MA.

He offered himself as a voluntary missionary to Thailand in 1953. He remained in Thailand for nine years, as superior, then he returned to USA as director of the retreat House in Waltham. There, he was responsible of the building of the new house and in the same time he was  working in the mission office.

In 1993 he retired from active apostolate and was assigned to the community of Bertoni Hall.

After a heart attack, he was told he had an incurable illness. Notwithstanding this he remained always faithful to his duties and showed himself an optimist and serene person, ready to give a hand to anybody who needed it.  He was very much esteemed by his confreres and had a particular attention for those of his own community.


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