January 25th





Hazleton, PA - 14.6.1912


Verona - 9.9.1935


Verona - 9.7.1939


Waltham, MA - 25.1.1996

AGE: 84


He was much influenced by his family , composed as it was by welcoming and warm-hearted people.  After entering in Waltham and completing his secondary studies and the first years of university, and his novitiate and profession, he was sent to Italy to complete the theological course in Verona, where he was ordained priest in 1939.

Before retiring from his ministerial activities (11 July 1994), because of health problems, he served in ten different parishes.

His parochial ministry was characterised by a faithful and engaging work, especially because of the compassion and diligence towards all those he met.  His faith was plain and decisive. His deep strength was rooted in a humble and determined faithfulness to the Lord.

He liked fishing, camping and he was an amateur carpenter.

His good humour and lively character made him pleasant in all communities.


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