BORN:            Alcenago (Verona) - 1779

ORDAINED:  24.9.1803

ENTERED:    Stimmate 1.1.1817

DIED:             Verona 17.9.1820

AGE:              41


Before being ordained a priest, he was a cooperator of Fr Gaspar in the work of the Oratory.  He has a hesitant, introvert and anxious person, but he found in Fr Bertoni much understanding and affection. Following the request of bishop Liruti, he was chosen by Fr Bertoni to assist the people affected by the epidemic of typhoid. Unfortunately he got that sickness and died after many useless treatments at the parish of S.Paolo in Campo Marzio). Fr. Gaspar thought of him as the most fortunate of the priests of the Stimmate and saw his untimely death as a prize for his fortitude and as a palm of martyrdom for his charity. 



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