January 2th







Sezano, VR - 18.02.1914


Verona 1930




Negrar, VR - 2.01.1985

AGE: 71 


He came to us from the seminary, when his family was asked to manage our property of Sezano. He had his novitiate in Gemona (Friuli). He spent the last two years of theology as college assistant in Udine.  He suffered several attacks of haemoptysis, before and after his priestly ordination. Since his high school he showed keen interest in ancient languages: Latin and Greek. He was meek and humble, always smiling and a man of good company.

He taught our students in their various residences. He wanted to work in the parish also, but he had to give up because of his poor health. He left Milan (San Leone) and came back to Verona. He was aware of his health condition and he prepared himself to death with a continuous prayer at the San Leonardo Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes.


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