July 29th




BORN:                           Roncone (Trento) – 18.8.1901

FIRST PROFESSION:   29.10.1919

ORDAINED:                  Trento – 28.6.1925

DIED:                             Verona – 29.7.1966

AGE:                               65 


He was always an uncertain, unsatisfied, wavering and scrupulous man. After five years of priesthood he decided to go back to studies and obtained degrees, first in philosophy and then in theology, showing a sharp intelligence.

He directed for sometime our missionary magazine, that under his management changed the title “Per il Bene” into “Il Missionario”.

He taught for some time our Candidates, but then he abandoned the teaching and went back to his studies. He spent the last years of his life in secluding himself in his spiritual anguish.


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