February 15st


P. GINO FACCHIN (priest)



Concordia Sagittaria (Venice) - February 13, 1914 


September 16, 1924


August 16, 1930.


February 14, 1935


March 13, 1937 - Rome


San Leonardo (VR)  - February 15, 2003

AGE: 89

          He entered our congregation as a boy of eleven years. He was open to knowledge and very sensitive: his destiny as a scholar was immediately detected and supported from the beginning of his formation.  He obtained the licentiate in theology, the degree and teaching qualification in arts from the Catholic university of Milan.

His field of apostolate except for some short breaks was substantially the world of teaching and culture. He was rector and professor at the Stimate, Gemona and Udine.  As a scholar and a poet he walked for many years a lone path of research.

He spent the last time of his life in solitary study of revision of all his literary activity, his connection with persons of culture, his deep study of the Fathers of the Church especially St John Chrysostom, the study of liturgical hymns and his own poetic production.  Until his memory and moral energy became weak to the point of desiring to die.

In his testament he wrote: I have worked much for the Institute, for the School and for the Church according to my possibilities. Whether I have also worked well and with the right intention, God only knows.

May he, who has sung and fathomed the consolations and the dramas of the human heart, finally celebrate the feast with his Spouse in heaven.


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