July 13th






BORN:                            Cles (Trento) - 2.3.1913

FINAL PROFESSION:  Verona - 16.7.1936

ORDAINED:                  Verona - 9.7.1939

DIED:                             Negrar (Verona) - 13.7.1996


He entered the Congregation as a young boy and he was formed by Fr. Recchia, Fr. Friedmann, Fr. Miori and Fr. Francesco Pisetta. His youthful enthusiasm, that accompanied him throughut his life, led him in the sometimes thorny field of Christian education of youth.  After his ordination he exercised different ministries in the Congregation: he spent a few years in Parma (1939-1945) during the war; in Trento (1949-1955) (1973-1983) he beame the superior for six years; he was in charge of the university boarding in Milan (S. Leone Magno) when it was established; he spent also seven years in Rieti.

He worked also in parishes and he considered the two years spent in Battipaglia as the best part of his life. The strong ties with his birthplace and his original family did not prevent him from moving to Parma where he actively spent the last 13 years of his life, notwithstanding his severe health problems.

He left everybody with a message of great serenity in the way he faced the problems of the last years of his life: he witnessed abandonment into the hands of God, joy of serving the Lord, closeness to those who had a cross to carry, perhaps less heavy than his.


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