Born:               Denno  (Trento)  23.9.1911

Perpetual profession:  Affi (Verona)  24.9.1932

Ordained:         Verona - 07.3.1936

Died:                Brasilia, DF (Brazil) 19.6.1999

Age:                 88 


He had his novitiate in Verona in 1928.  He was ordained in Verona and two years after that he left for Brazil where he spent himself generously as a missionary for 61 years, without tiring, in the states of S. Paolo and Bahia and Goiás.

A missionary with a heart as great as the world, he exercised his priestly ministry with dedication and spirit of abandonment. He possessed a zealous dynamism that made him move about with a grit that feared nothing, for the cause of the gospel.

In Luziânia he was an indefatigable apostle for 37 years, getting involved with everybody (children, youth, elderly), and a penetrating evangelizer who tried to revitalize the faith.  He was a teacher in the style of “gratis omnino”, who loved to proclaim the Word of God. He was a missionary, despoiled of himself, who had left behind everything in his homeland, in order to dedicate himself body and soul to the Brazilian people.


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