May 28th





Santo Stefano di Zimella VI – September 19, 1916


Sezano VR – September 9, 1938


Verona – June 28, 1942


Rio de Janeiro- May 28, 1990

AGE: 74 years old.


            Fr. Lucian was born at Santo  Stefano  di Zimella [VI] on September  19, 1916; he pronounced his Perpetual Profession, on September  9, 1838, and became a priest on June 28, 1942.

            His first years of priesthood  were dedicated to our students, as teacher and in his apostolic life, in  parish ministry [Verona, Milan]. In this period, he applied himself to the study of mathematics in order to obtain the degree – when following an invitation of his superiors, he decided to leave for Brazil. This was in the year 1946. From that year on, until his death, for a good 44 years, he poured himself out in healf of the Brazilian people with love, generosity and attachment. At first, he served as a teacher among our students, then parish vicar at Barretos SP, San Gaetano do Sul SP, and ‘Santa Cruz’ [Rio de Janeiro].

            He  was always a very open personality, joyful, enterprising and  drawn to those living on the margins of society.

            For the confreres and  other priests and religious who turned to him, Fr. Lucian was always most welcoming and fraternal, a priest of extraordinary sensibility with an optimistic spirit, a person who truly was able to communicate his ‘joy of life’.


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