GIULIO DALMASO (sacerdote)


n. 14.2.1914 a Pergine (Trento)

Prof. temporanea 8.12.1935

Prof. perpetua 8.12.1938

Ordinazione 28.6.1942

m. 30.9.2008 a Udine 


Fr. Giulio was born in Pergine (Trento) on February 14, 1914. His parents were Gugliemo and Luchi Basilica.

He entered the novitiate at the Holy Trinity (SS.Trinità) in Verona under Fr. Angelo Pagliarusco as his Master.

During the Second World War, on June 28, 1942, he was ordained priest. Collaborated upon his formation were Frs. Viero, Dominici, Salvadori, Gardumi and Moser.

He has spent his life in various communities, namely, Udine–as a teacher of Letters (1942-1943), Stimmate–as the secretary of the school (1943-1944), again in Udine (1944-1945)–as a teacher of Religion and as bursar at St. Peter’s in Sezano (1945-1946). He was firstly in charge of the Holy Cross (S. Croce) in Milan and a collaborator after the war (1946-1947), then he moved on to Bellizzi (1947-1950) and later to Battipaglia (1950-1951) as a cooperator in these parishes. He then returned to Udine (1951-1955) as teacher of Religion and a minister at St. Peter the Martyr’s, then he went to Milan (1955-1958) involved in the parish, and at Poggiomarino (1958-1959). He was also assigned to Trento (1959-1967) as a treasurer and also helped in the parish. The following decade saw Battipaglia as assistant in the parish (1967-1977).

Finally he was assigned to the Community of Udine, this time for over 31 years, until his death. Supported the task of bursar for thirteen years until 1990. Then only a part-time assistant minister at St. Peter the Martyr’s and in retirement.

Despite of his recent sickness Fr. Giulio did not lose his cheerful spirit of laughter and burlesque, full of originals and unthinkable.

We remember him as a confrere who was always available in transfer, he was ready and prepared to the tasks that most confreres wanted to avoid, i.e., as bursar who continues to struggle with numbers that do not ever come back to perfection and for which even find an explanation. In addition to his religious fidelity, we should remember his humor remained proverbial congenital and able to dissolve tensions and reduce many problems.

During the night of September 30th after he was sent to hospital and accompanied by Fr. Pasquale Cavallo, his local superior, Fr. Giulio was called by the Lord; "Come, good and faithful servant, you have been faithful in little, enters the joy of your Lord."

The funeral took place on October 2, 2008 and his body was buried in the Stigmatine’s tomb in Udine.

Fr.Giovanni Zampieri