Fall River, MA. USA - 14.2.1914


Malosco, (Trento)- 9.9.1937


Newton, MA - 20.6.1942


Newton, MA - 2.10.1993

AGE: 79


He had his first studies in the “English High School” of Boston, MA and entered our congregation in Waltham in 1932.

After his profession he was sent to Rome to continue the theological course at the Gregorian university, but due to the outbreak of the war he had to return to the USA and complete his studies in the seminary of Elm Bank at Wellesley.

After his ordination he was assigned to the house of formation in Waltham as a teacher.

In 1944 he was elected parish priest in Manassas VA. In 1946 he was socius of the Master of novices in Waltham, and in 1947 vicar parish priest in Pittsfield MA. From 1948 to 1958 he was in the Stigmatine missionary team.  In 1956 he was elected provincial vicar.   When the Province was asked to open a house in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (Canada), father Samuel left with some other confreres in 1958 to found that community and remained there for 10 years.

In 1969 he offered himself as a volunteer to go and work in Brazil where he remained and worked hard until 1992. His special achievements were 5 new churches that he built, while committing himself  with exemplary zeal and enthusiasm to the missionary work among people.



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