February 18st





Caldiero, VR - September 21, 1924


Maregge di Boscochiesanuova, VR - July 16, 1947


Verona - July 6, 1952


Trento - February 18, 1990

AGE: 66 


    After his ordination he soon showed great generosity in living especially among the young people. He spent all his energies in the colleges of Udine and Gemona, and afterwards he engaged himself in the pastoral ministry in Parma, where he worked in a shack as his church and centre of apostolate.

He dedicated his best years to the parochial life and the oratory of Trento. He was very good in inspiring and organizing people around himself: families, youth and elderly – with his great affability.

His boundless generosity drew him to go to Gemona immediately after the terrible earth quake of 1976 to live in a shack for some years, among the displaced people, offering spiritual and material help.  Back to the Trentino region he offered his services in a difficult area in Valfloriana, conducting two parishes in the same time.

But his health which had been severely tested, compelled him to leave this ministry after three years.  During the last two years of his life, plagued by an irreversible illness, he carried the weight of the cross of purification, giving up his calling to be “that priest who lives among the people”, as all use to call him.


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