BORN:  Illasi, VR - 22.02.1920

FINAL PROFESSION: Verona - 09.09.1943

ORDINATION: Verona - 07.07.1946

DECEASED: Verona - 12.12.2000

AGE: 80  


He entered our congregation as an aspirant at twelve years of age in Ss.ma Trinità (VR). After his priestly ordination he exercised his ministry in the Apostolic School, at the Stimmate and in Udine – always connected with teaching. Subsequently he dedicated himself to the pastoral activity in the parishes of Rome, S. Croce, and in Noto and Catania (Sicily) for the remaining 50 years of his life. It was in Catania where he showed his many qualities as a religious and as a pastor.

In 1960 he started the new parish of St John in the difficult area of the outskirts of Catania. Subsequently he laboured to establish the building of the parish and church of St Mark. After 40 years of pastoral work he began to show signs of physical weakening, so that he had to be transferred to San Leonardo (VR).

Fr Primo participated fully in the activities of the community, especially prayer. He loved the company of the confreres, and to reminisce about the past experiences: long climbing to mount Etna, his hobby for collecting mushrooms and his adventures as a pioneer in so many activities.

He loved his own original people of the Illasi valley, he loved languages, nature and Sicily. The Lord gave two gifts to Fr Primo, that rarely can be see together in one person, namely intelligence and simplicity.


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