July 5th




BORN:                           Cellore d’Illasi, (Verona) - 11.2. 1927

FINAL PROFESSION:  Verona - 8.10.1950

ORDAINED:                  Verona - 14.16.1953

DIED:                             Verona - 5.7.1993

AGE:                               66 


After his ordination he exercised his ministry mostly at Cadellara and in our house of Via Mameli (Verona).  At Cadellara he showed his good educative skills and his capacity of refurbishing and restructuring the house. He was also gifted in financial administration. Since 1964 he then lived in Via Mameli, where he had the opportunity of fulfilling his personality as a Stigmatine and as a priest. He gave a great impulse in developing the ‘Professional School’ (‘Centro Professionale’) of Via Mameli which he constantly modernised to be an always updated educational institution for the youth.

Fr Albino showed how happy he was of being a religious and a priest. He felt always to be on a mission, notwithstanding his engagement in administration and in the government of the Province of the Sacred Heart, which he served for more than thirty years. He liked nature in a special way and took long solitary walks in order to refresh himself from the heavy work he was doing.

He got a sudden stroke which paralysed him and led him to death.



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