February 19st





Jundiaí, SP - January 1, l911


Sezano, VR - September 15, 1933


Rio Claro, SP - December 29, 1935


Ribeirão Preto, SP - February 19, 1999

AGE: 88 


He was one of the first Brazilian to discover the institute of Saint Gaspar Bertoni. He studied philosophy and theology in Italy and was ordained priest in Campinas.  He was constantly engaged in pastoral work in several communities: Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Morrinhos. Ituiutaba, Brazilia and Uberaba. In Morrinhos (Goiás) he was entrusted with a vast area. His only means of transportation was the horse, which was eventually substituted by a motor bicycle which became the talk of the people, as it was the only one.

His character was open and without affectation. He cultivated a strong spirit of prayer with an enviable love to his religious vocation.  He suffered with humility and patience the illness that struck him during the last part of his life

His missionary life in Goiàs was truly epic.

He was the first Stigmatine Brazilian to be ordained priest.

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