July 31th




BORN:                            Turrivalignani, Chieti (Italy) - 15.10.1921

FINAL PROFESSION:   Wellesley, MA - 16.10.1942

ORDAINED:                   Wellesley, MA - 12.6.1947

DIED:                              Waltham, MA - 31.7.1999

AGE:                               78 


In 1929 he emigrated with his family from Italy to the USA: he was still a child. He frequented the public school of Pittsfield, MA and entered the Stigmatine seminary of Waltham in 1934. He studied philosophy and theology in our major seminary of Wellesley, where he was ordained a priest in 1947.

Notwithstanding his fragile health, Fr Canzano exercised with dedication his priestly ministry as an assistant parish priest in various parishes.

Beside the parish ministry, he was also appointed chaplain in a Boston hospital and in a medical centre in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was chosen to work for the Church Tribunal of the Diocese of Springfield, MA. He spent his last years at St Joseph’s Hall, affected by cancer. Even while suffering, he was constantly ready to exercise the priestly ministry. 



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