January 12th






Verona - 19.11.1798




Verona - 12.1.1844

AGE: 45


He lived his life in executing the most humble services of the house and church. Fr Bertoni used him to procure books for the library of the community, everywhere.

He was a most zealous sacristan. He left some few notes in which he manifested all his fervour and devotion.  He had an extremely simple heart.  He looked after the sick as a tender mother, nursing them with mercy. He did this with the student Ferrari and with Fr Bertoni, whom he assisted for a very long time.

In his great humility he never wished the offices of confessor or of teacher.

He bore with patience four consecutive painful illnesses that plagued him for a long time, and prepared him for the eternal reward.

He had a very special respect for the Fr Founder; he depended on him as a child.


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