January 23th







Milan - 17.7.1892


Gemona - 1905


Milan - 19.12.1920


Milan (S. Croce) - 23.1.1953

AGE: 61 


He was ordained deacon in 1916 and had immediately to leave for military service in the war in the department of health, where he stayed for four years. After his priestly ordination he was an assistant to our aspirants and then vice-rector in our colleges of Parma and Gemona.

In 1925 he asked and obtained to go to our mission in China. He spent several years in the seminary of Liangkochwang, and was a councillor of the Mission. In 1947 our missionaries had to retire from Pecking. His health was in bad condition, after 23 years of missionary activity. In 1948 he returned to Italy. He spent the last years of life in Trento and Milan, giving everybody a good example of religious observance and priestly piety.

He contracted a pulmonary oedema and died peacefully on the day of the feast of the Holy Espousals.


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