EZIO BURRO (priest)



Vago di Lavagno, Verona - 26.11.1937


Verona - 27.11.1958


Verona - 25.06.1961


Verona - 26.11.1995

AGE: 58


He experienced  difficulties throughout all his life, and while very young he lost his mother.  He was constantly weak in health.  Notwithstanding this he was always faithful in his tasks. He dedicated himself with consistency and accuracy to his humanistic and theological studies. He maintained a lively and witty conversation. He was very much available.

St Gaspar had planned for Stigmatines to be “apostolic missionaries in help of bishops”. Fr Ezio realized this in his Sunday help he gave to parish priests and in the education of youth not only in our Apostolic School but also in Gemona and Battipaglia and in our professional centre in Via Mameli, Verona.

He then had an interval of African experience from 1984 to 1985 in Ivory Coast.

As member of the editorial staff of “Il Missionario” he was expertly kept the photographic documentation of our Works and Missions.


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