LUIGI BRAGATO (monsignor)



Verona 27.12.1790




Corte di Praga 13.10.1874

AGE: 83


 He was a beloved disciple of Fr Bertoni since his youth.  He had to leave temporarily our congregation in 1818 because of bad health.  He then became director of the Oratory of St Lawrence and dean of studies in the seminary.  After 10 years he came back definitively to the congregation. 

In 1835 he was assigned the special post of confessor of the Empress of Austria, that was an Italian, of the Savoy House.

He lived in the court of Vienna until 1848, then he went to Prague on Bohemia, following the empress who had abdicated.  He remain extremely humble, renouncing dignities and favours.  

He was of great help to our congregation in times of persecutions and adversities.




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