February 25st






Villafranca, VR January 22, 1922


September 9, 1940


Rio Claro June 12, 1979


Verona February 25, 1988

AGE: 66


He entered the congregation as a brother and he remained such for 35 years. He was constantly serene and withdrawn. He spoke little but was always admired because of his obliging and humble character. He was most devout of Our Lady and spoke of her with enthusiasm. He worked in Rome, Rieti, Milan, Trento, Udine and Verona (Cadellara and Stimate).

Then he decided to become priest and started his studies of philosophy and theology in Italy and completed them in Brazil.  He was parish vicar in Rio Claro, San Caetano do Sul and Campinas. He lived in Brazil for ten years.

In 1985 he had a leg problem and came back to Italy to be operated.  When all seemed to be well and ready to leave the hospital, he was struck by a haemorrhage and heart attack.


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