Bonaldo, Verona - 11.2.1916


Verona, VR - 19.9.1937


Verona, VR - 21.9.1940


Verona, VR - 6.10.2000

AGE: 84 


He entered our Institute in 1929. The first part of his priestly ministry was spent for the youth of our colleges of Udine, Stimate and Parma. Subsequently he was assistant to the youth in our parishes of Rome, S. Croce and Blessed Trinity.  The last years were spent in the same parish of Blessed Trinity as superior and bursar.

In the 60’s and 70’ he was deeply involved in assisting the people of the “Fosso Sant’Agnese”, a small village of shacks in the outskirts of Rome.  Among those people he did not present himself as the successful saving messiah, able to resolve the many social problems there, but simply a friendly and fraternal presence. Sick people, old age people and people living alone knew that they could trust the friendship and kindness of Fr Esterino.

He left  signs of deep interior serenity and traits of human delicacy in every one.  He was always positive and enthusiastic in the Stigmatine and pastoral life. He helped many persons to open themselves to hope and trust in the Lord whom he loved until the end.



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