BORN: Verona - 7.4.1900



DECEASED:  Verona - 3.12.1988

AGE: 88


            When he died, he was the oldest living Stigmatines. His uncle the Stigmatine Fr Cesare had also died very old (94) and from him Fr Luigi had acquired similar life and spiritual traits characteristic of the pioneering Stigmatines.

  After five years of priesthood, in 1929, he left for our mission in China. He remained there 5 years, as rector of the Minor Seminary and professor of our Italian students who were completing their studies in China.

After returning to Italy he lived for few years in Verona as a teacher and assistant of our students. Then he went to the Bertoni College in Udine where he remained until the end of his life.

            He left a good memory of his ability as a teacher, of his perfect musical talent and of his priestly ministry in the church of St. Pietro Martire.

He spent some ten years in studying the manuscripts of Bertoni, which he collected and reorganised.

After his eightieth year he dedicated himself for a long time to the study of the Letter to the Hebrews.


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