ALDO BELLI (priest)


Born:   Mezzano Inferiore (Parma, Italy) – 25.6.1906

First Profession: 02.08.1923

Ordained:        Rome– 21.12.1929

Died:                Alto da Mooca (Brazil) – 25.6.1981

Age:                 75  


 He exercised his first apostolate in our colleges of Udine and Verona. He had a friendly relationship with young people that he used to call “my boys”, for a period of 12 years.  In 1942, during the World War Two he was assigned to the youth ministry in Parma, both in the college and outside.

In 1947 he was sent to Brazil and remained in the parish of S. Caetano and subsequently in Alto da Mooca. The last four years of his life were spent enclosed in his room, sanctified by suffering.


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