BORN:                   Malo (Vicenza) - 5.9.1917

FINAL PROFESSION:     Sezano (Verona) - 9.9.1939

ORDAINED:          Verona - 21.11.1943

DIED:                     Campinas, SP - 12.8.1990

AGE:                      73


He entered our Congregation in 1917 and studied theology in Verona. He spent the first years of his priestly ministry as a formator of our aspirants and worked in the community of the Stimmate. In 1946 he left for Brazil, where for several years he formed our seminarians in S. Paulo and Ribeirão Preto (SP).

He was then appointed parish priest at Tupaciguara, MG and Goiania, GO, where he also opened a new parish in the surrounding areas of  that city which had serious problems of marginalization and poverty.

In 1982 he was sent to Ituiutaba, MG, as a parish priest and then to Luziânia, GO. Here he worked indefatigably from 1985 to 1990 and in a special way for the vocation animation.

Fr. Giuseppe was always an exemplary religious, a pure and transparent soul, a man with a innocent smile, loved by everybody. He knew how to treat everybody with kindness and respect. As a religious, he was always available to any pastoral service, obedient to any wish of the superiors and a man of a deep spirituality.


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