May 23rd





Velo Veronese VR August 16, 1914


September 17, 1936


Udine June 9, 1940


Udine May 23,1972

AGE: 58 years old


            While he was a student in theology, he served as an assistant in our college there. He frequented the Diocesan Seminary and in Udine he was ordained a priest. He was immediately sent to Para as a student of the natural sciences, in which field he received his degree in 1943. He returned again to Udine to become a teacher and the Principal of the science high school. He  taught there for 30 years, with great commitment and passion, with the spirit of an educator and apostle. He offered his services week ends in the parishes with great satisfaction. His was an optimistic character and he was always able to see the good side of everyone. He was of a lively and combative nature in conversation and new how to keep himself within the just limits and never offended anyone. While he was returning from a bicycle  ride, he was struck and killed.


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