BORN:  Mariano di Parma, PR 7.3.1871


DECEASED: Roma (S. Croce) 5.12.1945

AGE: 74


He was involved in the teaching apostolate in Verona until 1906, when he left for Rome as general councillor. He was sent to North America to support the first confreres who had been sent there for a foundation. In 1909 he was called to direct the seminary of Belluno, entrusted to us by Pius X.  After 1915 he was in Rome again as general councillor and general postulator.

From 1921 to 1932 he returned to North America where he founded our Apostolic School; he was novice master and also Visitator. Upon his returned to Italy because of health problems, he was elected again general councillor and superior of the community of St Agatha until 1940.

He went the to the parish of S. Croce where he spent himself with much zeal in the ministry of confession.

Most excellent in all subjects, he kept the simplicity of a child, he made all wonder because of his knowledge and his humility.



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