February 21st





Trento, TN - July 9, 1912


Sezano, VR - August 16, 1933


Trento, TN - March 13, 1937


S. Leonardo, VR - February 21, 1992

AGE: 80 



His first ministry was in the college of Trento, and after the second world war he went to Galbiate, Cadellara, Parma and Pavia, and for the longest period 28 years in the parish of S. Croce in Milan.

He lived his consecration as an exemplary religious and priest with great involvement and genuine daily dedication.  His interior life was supported by daily meditation, Rosary and fervent celebration of the Holy Mass. He loved Our Lady with tenderness. He was an open and easy communicator, being able, in situations of sorrow, to cover up his own suffering by cracking jokes.  He never let any complaint be heard during his illness. From his lean but luminous face one could perceive a candid and mild soul.

He loved to execute his duties without a hurry, meticulously and responsibly.

He was sought after and appreciated as a confessor. He loved to converse with people. He managed also to communicate to others his deep passion for the Missions, especially among the groups of missionary animation.

He loved much the Church, the Congregation and our founder Gaspar Bertoni.


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