BORN:                            S. Massimo (Verona) 16.11.1883


ORDAINED:                 21.12.1907

DIED:                             Negrar (Verona) 23.9.1973

AGE:                              90


In 1911 he left for Brazil together with Fr Alessandro Grigolli and a group of Italian immigrants.  After 13 years of work in Brazil, he joined the first group of Stigmatines who founded our mission in China. In 1936 he came back to Italy. From 1939 to 1946 he did some missionary work among the Italians in USA. Back to Italy he worked for another 15 years as a preacher, committed also in the work  of support to the missions. His last ten years were dedicated to prayer at San Leonardo, due to a paralysis which disabled him. He had a strong physique and a resolute spirit, fighting against limitations and oppositions. He had the gift of a swift and wit talk, stinging at times. But his good soul and spirit of sacrifice made him pleasant to everybody, giving a great example of consecrated and priestly life. 



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