BORN:                             Levico (Trento) – 4.2.1885

FIRST PROFESSION:     Trento - 1904

ORDAINED:                    Verona – 7.8.1910

DIED:                               Ituiutaba (MG) – 21.8.1957

AGE:                                72 


Immediately after his ordination he became a teacher at the “Pio Istituto Grisoni” of Capodistria, which had been entrusted to our care. Later on he went to teach our students in Rome (via del Mascherone) and also in Verona. He did this with zeal and competence.

In 1923 he was transferred to Brazil: he worked in Tibagy and subsequently in S. Caetano (SP). Some years later he resumed his teaching at Rio Claro. He was made a superior in Morrinhos and then he went to Ituiutaba.

During the last years of his life he worked with admirable zeal in different parish activities, notwithstanding his poor health.



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