May 10th






Piracicaba January 9 1924

First Profession November 22 1941

Final Profession January 10 1945

Priesthood December 5 1948

Died Rio Claro May 10 2014

Age 90 years old


On May 10, 2014, at 8:30 in the morning, Fr. Gabriel went ahead of us to meet our Heavenly Father to receive his rewards for his life of 90 years and 65 years of priesthood. His whole life has always been marked with the ministry of  young  people, the poor and the sick.


He was a son of deeply Catholic parents, Angelo and Virginia who had 11 children: 1 bishop, 3 priests, 1 religious brother and 1 religious sister.


In Barretos (SP), for 40 years he taught and worked with young people, he has always been well-liked and loved by them; with a group of Catholic faithful, they built houses for the poor: more than a hundred and they called it "Casinhas do Pe. Gabriel"   (houses of Fr. Gabriel).

In Marilia, for the period of 10 years he has made himself ​​available in the university, and built a chapel there.


He was so devoted to Our Lady and of our Holy Founder, he was always present in the confessional and ready to listen to those who seek him. Wherever he goes, he has always been very well-liked and admired, both by young and old alike. The number of his friends and admirers who lived with him was great and persistent.

In recent years, in Rio Claro, despite the precariousness of his health, he continued to work hard. Though he was apparently gruff and seemed to be always in hurry, but still with a beautiful smile that has attracted and fascinated everyone. I never seen him "wasting his time." I think that was one of his great characteristics.


Lately, he has various health problems, getting more serious every day, however it did not hinder him to do his ministry. He worked until the last day of his life.


His death was due to an acute cardiac arrest. He was buried in Rio Claro, at St. John the Baptist Cemetery, where the graveyard of the congregation is found, and finally his soul is at rest eternally.




Fr. Benedito A. Bettini



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