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BORN: Piracicaba, SP, Brazil – April 4, 1956

FIRTS VOWS: Jan. 23, 1983

PERPETUAL VOWS: Jan 23, 1986


DEAD: Barretos, SP – Feb. 22, 2018 

AGE: 61 years old










      On February 22, 2018, in the Cancer Hospital in Barretos, SP, Fr. Ceron returned to Father’s home, after 61 years, 10 months and 12 days in this world.

      Fr. Ceron was born in Tanquinho, the 2nd sub-district of the city of Piracicaba, SP, on April 10, 1956, son of Antônio Ceron and Yolanda Forti Ceron. He entered the “Fr. Gaspar Bertoni Missionary Institute” in Ribeirão Preto, SP, on March 4, 1969. He entered the Novitiate in Campinas, on January 23, 1983, and also there he professed his First Vows, on January 23, 1983. He professed his Perpetual Vows in Campinas, on January 23, 1986. He was ordained a Stigmatine Priest on December 20, 1986, in Taquarituba, SP.

      He served in the following assignments:

-          Formator of the Stigmatine students of Philosophy in Campinas, district of  ‘Chácara do Vovô’ (1987);

-          Provincial Councilor, Formator and Local Superior in Campinas, district of ‘Chácara do Vovô’ (1988-1991);

-          Provincial Councilor and Local Superior at the Parish of the Good Counsel in São Paulo, SP, district of Moóca (1993-1996);

-          Pastor of this same parish and Local Superior (1994-1999);

-          Parish Vicar in Barretos, SP (2000);

-          Parish Vicar in Marília, SP (2001);

-          Other Pastoral experiences:

-          In Piracicaba and Corumbataí, SP (2002-2003);

-          In Montes Claros, MG (2004-2005 and 2006-2007);

-          In the Province of St. Joseph (2008-2011);

-          In the Diocese of Itumbiara, GO (2012-2015);

-          In Cromínia, GO (2016-2018).

He obtained a degree in the following areas:

-          License in Psychology by the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (1980);

-          Title of Psychologist by the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (1981);

-          Certification on Educational Philosophy by the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (1992);

-          Prominent citizen of the district of Moóca, São Paulo, SP (1997);

-          Certification of conclusion of the course given by the Spiritual Renovation Center of the Brazilian Religious Conference (2006).

The assignments and degrees listed above reveal the striking features of Fr. Ceron: restless spirit, seeking new horizons; creativity; communication; vision of the future, from a service perspective.

      Even living such diversity of features, Fr. Ceron always manifested his love to the Stigmatine Congregation, by his presence in its activities and festivities.

      Perhaps for carelessness with his own health, little by little an esophagus cancer led him to death.

      By his family request, his body was transferred from Barretos to Taquarituba, where was waked, in the presence of the Superior Provincial of the Province of the Holy Cross, Fr. José Ovídio da Costa, CSS and confreres, family members, relatives and friends of Fr. Ceron. After the funeral Mass, Fr. Ceron’s body was buried in his family’s grave.



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