8 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Annunciazione. Formella in ceramica di Bruno Facciotti. Palombaio 2006

Chi si avvale delle Scritture come armatura ha già vinta la prova, e il cielo e la terra lo dichiarano con gran gloria... già degno della corona della sua vocazione. (Ms Bg 5237 )

1813: Mother di Canossa would not let one of her Professed Sisters transfer to Mother Naudet?s Congregation. So it was, that Christine Scalfo left Religious Life altogether. Fr. Bertoni wanted to see Fr. Galvani to explain the dispute, but was impeded due to the constant care he was giving to the dying boy, Ruffoni, of the Oratory. Fr. Farinati was then assigned as Confessor to Mother di Canossa?s Congregation.

1831: Mother Naudet bought the old Monastery of St. Dominica and her group moved into it within this year.

1840: Fr. Gramego?s name appeared in the Mass Book for the first time since the previous May. He was visited by the Doctor several times.

1856: Passion Sunday: Fr. Marani concluded the retreat at the Seminary. Fr. Benciolini was preaching a Mission at the Parish of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Verona.

1863: Fr. Benciolini wrote to Fr. Rigoni telling him to use his good judgment concerning the celebration of the Feast of St. John of God. He was the Patron saint of the Religious Community with whom Fr. Rigoni was living in Florence and he had written Fr. Benciolini concerning what he should do for the Community that had extended hospitality to him.

1893: Fr. Pizzighella received an affirmative answer concerning the Devotions to the Holy Face being conducted in the old Oratory of the Immaculate Conception at the Stimmate. Fr. Pizzighella had written to the Holy Office and explained what was going on in the light of the furor caused by this Devotion.

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