6 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Scultura nella Scuola Stimate. (Milo Manara).

Chi sa custodire in mezzo alle tentazioni scandalose il suo fuoco (...) ha un gran testimonio d'esser disposto a quella vocazione ch?è piena di tanti scandali e così prossimi, e perciò esige un amor forte alla disciplina. (Ms Bg 5227 )

1803: Fr. Bertoni renounced his share of his family inheritance that came to him from his Aunt Paula at the time of his Uncle Anthony's death.

1830: Louis Biadego was ordained a Deacon this day by Bishop Grasser.

1834: The bells of the Stimmate rang out this Thursday evening to remind the faithful that the morrow would be First Friday of the month.

1842: Lætare Sunday ? at 2:00 a.m., the young student, Louis Ferrari, died. He was much admired by his friend, John Lenotti, who would be ordained within the week. Young Ferrari had been with the Congregation eight years.

1850: Austrian troops came to live in a part of the Stimmate ? they were to remain there for over four years. During their stay at the Stimmate, they presented a fertile apostolate to Bro. Zanoli, himself an old soldier, who brought a number of the Austrian soldiers back to the Sacraments. Fr. Lenotti would mention this years later, how the Brother had fulfilled the ?End? of the Congregation, through his apostolic conversations.

1872: Fr. Lenotti was appointed Diocesan Examiner of Vocations, a post held by Fr. Bertoni and Fr. Marani before him.

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