5 Aprile 2019

Santi del giorno:

San Gaspare davanti al crocifisso. (Mario Barberis)

L?effetto della vocazione non è solamente temporaneo, ossia ristretto a questa vita, ma eterno, e si estende alla vita futura. (Ms Bg 5963).

1806: Michael Angelo Gramego was ordained a Deacon by Bishop Molin, Administrator of Asola, at St. George?s Church, Verona ? John Marani received the four Minor Orders at the same ceremony.

1807: Fr. Bertoni preached on the theme: ?Holy Easter and the Spiritual Life?. Our life of glory is hidden with Christ in God.

1812: Francis Cartolari was vested at St. Firmus Major by the noble Penitentiary, Christopher Cartolari, with Bishop Liruti?s permission.

1813: In his letter to Mother Naudet of this date, Fr. Bertoni praised the work of Fr. John Louis Fusari, long time Superior of the Oratory of St. Philip.

1838: Fr. Biadego, a Priest of six years, received his first faculties for Confessions, good for six months, with the customary proviso of making the Retreat in September.

1868: Palm Sunday ? Holy week services began at Villazzano. Frs. Lenotti and Vincent Vignola preached a retreat to the community there; Fr. Marani was sick in bed.

1869: Fr. Marani, Superior General, came to Villazzano to stay with the students for a while.

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