3 Luglio 2019

Santi del giorno:


Così ancor noi dobbiamo, dopo aver rincrescimento d'aver offeso Dio, detestar, odiar, aborrir il nostro peccato. Se il figliuolo, al padre che gli domanda: - La farai più ?, rispose di volerla fare ancora o proponesse di volerlo fare ancora, il padre non gli perdonerebbe. Bisogna che proponghi di non la voler far più. Così noi, dopo aver rincrescimento d'aver offeso Dio, detestazione del peccato commesso dobbiam proporre di non lo far più. Bisogna dunque prima di tutto, se vogliam che Dio ci perdoni, aver dolore d'averlo offeso, detestar il peccato, proposito fare di non lo far più. (Ms Bg 19)

1807: Monsignor Ridolfi answered the Questionnaire of the government that to his knowledge, there were no more Oratories in the City of Verona.
1831: Fr. Bertoni wrote to Mother Naudet and told her that the trees that separated their adjoining Communities would not always bloom and so, he suggested the construction of a wall.
1834: Fr. Bertoni gave Mother Naudet certain permissions regarding the building and property of St. Teresa?s.
1846: After five days of intense pain, Fr. Cartolari died this date at the age of nearly 52. He was sorely missed at the Stimmate. In his will, he left a
large share of his holdings to the Stimmate ? which would be declined
by the Community.
1866: Italy and Prussia signed an alliance at Sadowa.
1871: Fr. Marani?s funeral was held at 7:00 a.m. this Tuesday morning. The
revered body was carried out of the Massalongo home for services and
then laid to rest in the cemetery. His slogan as General had been
Parati ad omnia! [Be prepared for all!] After the funeral, the First
Session of the 1st General Chapter was held in the Massalongo home.
The motion to choose a permanent Superior General was rejected 12-
1. A Committee was chosen to add an Appendix to Part XII of Fr.
Bertoni?s Original Constitutions: the members were Fr. Rigoni
[President]; Fr. Lenotti and Fr. Bassi.
1872: Fr. Sembianti wrote from Bassano in response to the Superior
General?s [Fr. Peter Vignola] questionnaire concerning the sale of the
Trinita?. Fr. Sembianti wrote that if the Congregation had to sell to the
Ottolini Sisters, if, in the future, the Sisters were ever to sell, the
Congregation should have the first option to buy it back from them.

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