28 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

San Gaspare di Ignoto. (Il dipinto si trova nella Curia Generale a Roma)

Molti precipitano le imprese spirituali per affrettarsi e anticiparne il successo. Aspettar il tempo della missione. (Ms Bg 5521).

1829: Bishop Grasser, who had taken over the See of Verona some days
earlier, was mentioned in Fr. Bertoni?s letter to Mother Naudet as being
much esteemed by the government.
1866: Fr. Lenotti, who was preaching the entire month at the Church of S.
Nicola in Verona in honor of St. Joseph, this night stated that St.
Joseph was a model of Devotion to our Lord. This was Wednesday in
Holy Week.
1899: Count Albert Gerbaid de Sonas wrote again from Lisbon delineating
the duties of the Congregation once they got to Lisbon. They would
have the care of an Italian Parish there and the opportunity of opening
a school as soon as possible.

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