28 Febbraio 2020

Santi del giorno:

Esecuzione della Provvidenza di Dio, inspirato (egli) alla Chiesa (quanto le conviene) e dando la grazia, meritata dal suo Figliuolo, all'eletto. Esecuzione della materna cura (della chiesa) operando (essa) secondo le cognizioni (ricevute). La corrispondenza (dell'eletto si manifesta) con l'obbedienza alla Chiesa, (con la) differenza di sè (e la) fiducia in Cristo (e con) l'operare secondo la disciplina. (Ms Bg 4997)

1813: Fr. Bertoni wrote to Mother Naudet and told her that he was at the bedside
of one Bartholomew Ruffoni - he was the ?Dominic Savio? of Fr.
Bertoni?s Oratory, and its Prefect.
1826: Fr. Venturini received the degree from the government to teach school.
1855: A Decree from the Magistrates?s office read to the effect that the
Congregation could indeed apply for the approbation from the Holy
See. This was necessary in those times!
1857: The Trinita? became the Novitiate for the first time. There were 13
Novices, 7 Students, and 4 Brothers. Fr. Lenotti was Novice Master ?
and Bro. Zanoli carried on his customary number of tasks!
1882: A gift was received at the Stimmate of some decorations for the altar of
the Sorrowful Mother.
1890: The Constitutions approved by the 11th General Chapter [September
25, 1889] were sent to Rome along with some Testimonial Letters.
Bishop [later Cardinal] Riboldi of Pavia wrote that when he was looking for a male Congregation for his Diocese, the Congregation of the
Apostolic Missionaries was highly recommended. Now that they had
been active in his Diocese, he could state from his own experience,
that they were learned, holly, zealous, well educat4ed Priests, with a
special reverence for the Holy See.

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