22 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

San Gaspare presenta i giovani ai Santi Sposi. (Alessandro Grigolli 1962)

La ragione retta non contraddice mai al lume soprannaturale, perché l?una e l?altro è da Dio. (Ms Bg 5429).

1817: Francis Cartolari was ordained a Deacon.

1828: In the Cathedral of Mantua, Innocent Venturini was ordained a Sub-Deacon by Bishop Buozzi.

1838: A Dr. Lawrence Maggi - acting for Fr. Bertoni ? offered 160,000 Austrian Lira, for the purchase of Sezano.

1868: Fr. Marani, Superior General, came to Villazzano with the intention of staying only a few days. However, he became ill and stayed almost an entire month in bed.

1895: On this date, the Congregation purchased a house in Parma near the Church of St. James, on Via Massimo d?Azeglio, which was better suited for their work.

1899: Fr. Bertoni?s body was re-examined by the Diocesan Tribunal in the Process of his Beatification.

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