21 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

San Gaspare. Ritratto di Alessandro Grigolli (1881-1969). Il quadro si trova a Cadellara.

Servendo un giovinetto al Signore... sentendosi animo e forze di farlo, importando questo grandi fatiche, per contenersi nella castità, e per sostenere il peso del ministero e grandi rinunzie... e grandi pericoli: chi non vede aver questi le spese necessarie per fabbricare la torre? (Ms Bg 5398).

1802: Fr. Bertoni preached on Confession and stated that there can be no comparison in the shame a sinner feels before the Confessional where he has come to accuse himself and that a sinner would feel who had never confessed and was accused publicly by the Divine Judge at the General Judgment. A good Confession is an honor to the penitent.

1804: Fr. Bertoni preached on the meaning of true happiness ? he said that it was the testimony of a good conscience; sometimes it knows no human delight ? happiness is abandonment to God.

1829: Fr. Bertoni wrote to Mother Naudet and told her that Monsignor Dionisi would speak to the new Bishop [Grasser] as soon as he arrived in the Diocese.

1837: Fr. Bertoni offered the Jesuits in Verona lodging at the Stimmate ? there were already 11 Priests, 2 Students and several Brothers living there at the time. He also offered them the direction of his School at the Stimmate.

1855: Feast of St. Benedict ? word was received at the Stimmate that the Holly Father, Pius IX, had granted the Decree of Praise. Canon Bertinelli wrote from Rome and said that since the Congregation was so small, with so few members, that the granting of the Decree should be considered as Fr. Bertoni?s first miracle!

1874: Fr. Francis Sogaro wrote a letter to all the Fathers who were Apostolic Missionaries - he asked them not to be scandalized in his request to leave the Congregation - to which he would always be grateful. He stated that he wanted to follow his Missionary vocation to Africa.

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