2 Luglio 2019

Santi del giorno:


Dio cre l'uomo ad immagin sua, e lo chiamò Adamo. Lo pose nel Paradiso terrestre, gli diede il comando di non mangiar del frutto dell'albero della scienza del bene e del male. Quivi dalla costa di Adamo che dormiva creò la prima donna, Eva. (Ms Bg 12)

1808: Fr. Bertoni noted in his Spiritual Diary that this was a Feast of the
Sacred Heart - he wrote that at Mass that day, during the Consecration, he had strong feelings of gratitude and compunction - and at Communion, he experienced a strong sentiment of detachment from creatures.
1829: Fr. Bertoni had reviewed Mother Naudet?s corrected version of her Rules and he wrote to her on this day telling her that she had omitted a correction he had made ? he just wanted to know if her omission was intentional, and if it was, he would not object.
1847: A Mary Pizzeli Entered The Sisters of the Holy Family during Fr. Marani's second year as their Spiritual Director.
1855: Frs. Lenotti and DaPrato went to Peschiere to assist the cholera victims - Fr. Lenotti told of a local woman who refused to make the Mission for fear of contracting the disease; she contracted it anyway, and was gone in less than two hours.
1857: Fr. Marani, filling in for Fr. Bragato at the Imperial Villa at Stra?.
Returned to Verona after a two week stay there.
1860: Feast of the Visitation ? Fr. Charles Fedelini was laid to rest on this
Feast of the Blessed Mother.

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