19 Marzo 2020

Santi del giorno:

Il sogno di San Giuseppe (Ceramica di Bruno Facciotti a Palombaio di Bari)

I fatti sono il linguaggio di Dio. (Ms Bg 5354).

1827: Fr. Bertoni is confined to bed again ? the ailment seemed to have been a tumor on the leg. Mrs. Joseph Ferrari suddenly improved this day and her husband attributed it to Fr. Bertoni?s prayers.

1828: Fr. Bertoni wrote to Mother Naudet and told her of the repeated lancing of his leg by Dr. Gregori, who ordered him to stay in bed. He received Holy Communion in bed this day.

1829: The bells of the Stimmate rang out for six minutes, at 6:00 a.m., and for 12 minutes at noon.

1854: Fr. Marani, Superior General, responded to the questionnaire sent to him by the authorities in Venice. He stated that the Schools at the Stimmate would conform exactly to the state requirements.

1866: Fr. Rigoni preached the panegyric in the Church of S. Nicola in Verona, the center in the city of Devotions to St. Joseph. For the reset of this year, one of the Fathers of the Stimmate came to preach at this Church on the 19th of the each month at the Devotions for a Good Death.

1891: On this Feast of St. Joseph, the Fathers of the Congregation officiated at the Church of S. Nicola dei Prefeti in Rome, for the first time.

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